As of 2020, the size of the legal adult-use cannabis market in Canada was pegged at 2.6 billion Canadian Dollars. This shows how big the industry has become and why more cannabis commercial websites are popping up.

Being a cannabis website operator yourself, you need to find new ways to compete against the others in the business. And the only way to do this is to increase your website traffic.

Increasing traffic on your new cannabis website could potentially increase your sales. So if you’re just getting started and can’t quite figure out how to attract more visitors, then you’re reading the right article.

Here, I’ll be giving you 15 vital tips on drawing more traffic to your new and existing cannabis store. Let’s get in!

1. Provide the best possible quality

The benefits of cannabis consumption have already been proven, which is why more people are using its products. Unfortunately, not all cannabis products are top-notch, thanks to the lacklustre approach of some manufacturers.

If the purpose of setting up your cannabis retail website is to generate sales, then you must ensure that your products are of good quality.

The connection between offering good products and increasing website traffic is that satisfied customers will patronise you another time. Better still, they will also recommend your brand to their friends.

2. Paid social media ads

Once you get the product right, you can now be confident about telling the world about it. And what better way to do this than paid social media ads?

One of the biggest advantages of social media ads is targeting your audience according to age and location. This feature is particularly good for the commercial cannabis business, whose target audience is majorly adults.

According to statistics, Canadians between the ages of 25 and 34 had the highest rate of cannabis consumption nationally. At the same time, those from 65 years and above had the lowest consumption levels.

With this in mind, it is clear what your age demographic target should be when running your ads.

Another advantage of paid social media ads is that you can choose a plan that fits into your budget. I wouldn’t expect a start-up to have big, but a little investment can get you started and allow you to test the waters.

On average, you can get 1,000 impressions with a budget of $7.19 on Facebook ads. Now imagine if you were to invest $500!

Besides Facebook, there are other social media ads you can use to promote your cannabis website.

These include:

  • Instagram ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Twitter ads

3. Partake in conversations on social media

Cannabis is a hot topic nowadays, and many people on social media want to know more about it. Thus, if you’re serious about increasing your site traffic and have educated yourself about the niche. I advise that you seriously consider partaking in conversations on social media groups.

Make sure each comment you post is informative and provides a few facts about cannabis and its use. Group members who come across your comments/threads will view you as an expert in the field and become more interested in you.

Since the aim here is to drive more traffic to your site, it also makes sense to add links to your website.

Here’s an example of how to do that:

Let’s say there’s an ongoing thread on Facebook about why cannabis is bad for society. You can argue in favor of its benefits ( since you’re in the business).

You could say something like this:

“I’ve been running an online cannabis store for two years, and so far, all our customers have attested to how our cannabis products have helped them sleep better, eat better, and feel better. You can visit our store (insert your website) to check out our products and read about how beneficial they are. That’ll help you change your mind about cannabis”.

If anyone on the thread comes across your comment, then they will also come across your website. And those who are interested will click!

4. Write interesting social media posts

Time and time again, posting on social media platforms has helped increase brand visibility, making it a good way to increase web traffic for your cannabis store.

Thus, ensure you always write short but interesting things about cannabis and regularly post them on your social media pages. If your posts are interesting enough, your followers will share without being asked.

Make sure that you include your website in your posts for more visibility.

It may be difficult coming up with engaging post ideas regularly, but you can draw inspiration from other sources.

Is there a new cannabis bill being proposed in your state? Have medical experts discovered another benefit of cannabis use?

You can craft short posts from headlines of this nature and use them to engage your followers.

5. Convince your friends and family to share your posts

It is one thing to write interesting posts on your social media page and another thing for people to like and share. However, being straightforward with your request is the best way to spread your posts about your cannabis website on social media.

When I say straightforward, I mean directly asking your close friends and family to share your posts instead of waiting for their free will to decide for them.

Thankfully, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a “tag” feature, which you can use to include your loved ones in your posts. So if they don’t come across your posts on their timeline, they will receive a notification that they have been tagged.

Remember, the post should be about your cannabis business (or something closely related) and include your website link. At the bottom of the post, politely ask the viewers to share, which would help you gain more exposure.

6. Use giveaways to draw people in

Let’s face it, many people like free stuff, and you can take advantage of this to attract visitors to your website. The biggest brands in the world have used giveaways to gain more popularity and increase sales of a new product or service. In this case, you can use it to get people to visit your cannabis website.

All you have to do is figure out what you can afford to give out for free and tell people about it. A “buy three get one free” deal works all the time!

Another great example of a giveaway tactic is Delta 9’s “Joints for Jabs” promo, where a few participants were rewarded with a year’s supply of free cannabis in exchange for taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

Be creative with your giveaways, and you will notice an increase in your web traffic.

7. Offer discounts within a specific time bracket

Just like giveaways, discounts are also great at bringing more customers your way. Of course, a discount isn’t exactly like a giveaway where products are offered for free. Rather, it slashes the price of a product by a noticeable amount, which can prompt a customer to buy more.

Your discounts aren’t meant to last forever. They have to be valid within a set time, say two weeks to a month. You can use cannabis products (especially the low-selling ones) to lure more people into buying from you within this period.

8. Use influencers

Influencers are individuals who have a large following, either in the physical or digital world, who can use their influence to convince people to buy a product or service.

They usually charge a fee for this kind of service, and if you can reach out to one or more, they can get people to visit your cannabis site.

It would be great if you have an ongoing giveaway or discount when you hire an influencer, as it would give prospects more reason to visit your website.

9. Do a press release

Press releases can help you reach a wider audience outside your followers on your social media platforms.

This involves writing a detailed copy of your business and handing it over to media houses or bloggers, who will, in-turn publish or announce it on their platforms.

These media outlets will also charge you a fee for this service, but you can take advantage if you have the budget for it.

10. Add a blog to your website

Adding a blog section to your website and writing informative content regarding cannabis is a good way to gain trust among prospects and keep them coming back to your website for more.

You have to be consistent with your blog posts to retain your readers.

West Coast Cannabis is a good example of brands that use informative blog posts to engage audiences, and it has been effective in maintaining their massive traffic.

11. Produce podcasts to reach new audiences

Podcasts have become popular over the past decade, and it has been used to market all sorts of goods and services while discussing interesting topics.

All you need to produce a podcast is a few basic audio recording equipment. Just like blog posts, your podcast should discuss issues on cannabis. You also have to be consistent with it.

Make sure you mention your website at the end of each episode as a reminder.

There are many podcast-hosting platforms like Anchor, which you can use to publish your episodes.

12. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is easy, as you can set it up using only your smartphone.

Your channel and all the content you upload on it should include your website to increase your chances of getting clicks.

To keep prospects coming back to your YouTube channel, release informative content on a daily or weekly basis. This level of consistency will encourage those interested in subscribing, hence become exposed to your website.

If you need some inspiration on formatting a YouTube channel for your cannabis business, check out the Canadian Cannabis channel.

13. Contribute to other YouTube channels

Search for other cannabis YouTube channels that have a good number of subscribers and offer them your input. If they find that your content is exceptional, they can allow you to contribute to their videos.

Of course, this collaboration isn’t easy to score, as successful YouTubers are wary of competition. But if they are convinced that what you are offering is highly beneficial to their audience, they will surely consider it. Your cannabis website in the description section of all the content you produce for them when they do.

The more YouTube channels you can contribute to, the greater the audience you can expose to your website.

14. Invite guest bloggers to your website

Running your cannabis blog alone is pretty good, but having guests contribute to it is much better as far as attracting new visitors is concerned.

When guests contribute to your blog, they will share the content with their audience, increasing your reach and exposing your website to more prospects.

To improve your chances, try and work with at least 5 guest bloggers. The idea is simple: The more guest bloggers you have, the more your web content will be shared, and your website will get more visibility.

15. Contribute to other cannabis blogs

Just as you have guest bloggers writing and sharing content for you, try and do the same for other blogs.

In this case, including your web link in each of your contributing posts. And if your content is good, readers will be tempted to visit your site, as they would assume there’s more where that came from.

Final Words

Even if you’re just starting your cannabis website and have no visitors, the tips provided here will set you on a path of increased traffic and more sales of your cannabis products.

These tips will not increase traffic overnight, so you have to be consistent and patient for the best results.

Sway is all about providing technology solutions for cannabis websites. Check us out here to see how we can help you run your online cannabis business effectively.