All-in-One Dispensary Management System

About Sway

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With Sway, you can elevate your dispensary to the next level by expanding your online reach and adding direct home delivery. Sway provides easy integration into your current POS system and top-tier reliability with a user-friendly interface.

Sway equips our customers with a comprehensive software and hardware platform that allows you to manage your entire dispensary through the Cloud. Create highly efficient and on-time sales channels while keeping customer data secure.

To put it simply: Sway is a best-in-class inventory management system, designed to help you manage the process of selling and getting your product out to your customers.

Sway POS

Hardware Included:

In-Store POS System: Sway comes with 1 free terminal included. If you already have a POS system and would like to integrate Sway, we’ll give you the first 3 months free. (Compatible with iPad, Android, and Google Tablets)

Printer: Sway includes 1 printer per store for printing tickets for mobile orders, and can be configured to print receipts as well. The cost for extra printers is variable depending on how many you need.

Inventory Scale: The included scale measures inventory by weight and QR code reading through the camera installed on the scale. This eliminates up to 60 hours of labor per month from managing inventory on hundreds of SKUs.

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