The key to a successful business is to treat the customers right, as, without them, there is no business. Do you plan to own a successful online dispensary business? Then you need to provide insanely good customer service.

If you’re aware of that and desire to discover how to do so, then this article is for you.

Why provide excellent customer service?

The core of a successful online dispensary business is the customers’ satisfaction. Providing outstanding, trustworthy and satisfactory customer services is the best way to attain it.

An online dispensary business is focused on people virtually, meaning no physical contact and all communications are virtual. It is an excellent advantage for both the seller and the buyers; however, it can be challenging to achieve if it’s not done strategically.

With an online dispensary business, you have a wider audience reach than a limited and localized one associated with a physical store. Customers request your products and services through different technologies, devices and digital platforms.

The key to insanely good customer service is cultivating a strong relationship with your customers and keeping them satisfied with your services.

How to provide an insanely good customer service

85% of customers’ withdrawal from a brand’s services due to poor service is preventable. It means that if good customer service has been provided, there would be no loss of customers in the first place. Then, it shows that good customer service is a way and nothing more. The following points are ways to provide satisfactory customer service:

1. Smooth ordering process and swift product delivery

Everyone loves a swift order placement and delivery, especially one whose process comes with no hitches. At the same time, people always commend brands whose order placement and delivery are apt and stress-free.

In return, customers will go back to order more products and even recommend them to those in need of such services. They also talk about such brands; hence, aiding marketing and customer acquisition for the brand.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to position your dispensary such that customers can order your products without hassle. Well, that starts with investing in a good website.

It is best to build an online dispensary that will stand out by providing easy navigation and aiding swift delivery.

Your website must be mobile-friendly as statistics show that over three billion people use smartphones, and it’s bound to increase in the future.

The smartphone is one of the primarily used devices for accessing online stores. Hence, your website must have mobile optimisation to reach a broader audience.

Also, the order placement must be as swift and stress-free on a mobile device as it is on other devices such as tablets, iOS devices and computers. When your customers can get what they want quickly and promptly, it guarantees the trust and loyalty necessary for a successful online dispensary business.

2. Try not to run out of stock.

One of the problems online businesses face that leads to poor customer service is unavailability and inaccessibility.

When customers check out an online dispensary business, they do so for their products and services. However, when they cannot reach out to representatives of the brand on the first contact, they can’t get the product and services the business is supposed to provide. It becomes an instant turn-off.

Good customer service starts from the customer being able to access the online store without any delay. The customers should be attended to as soon as possible when they request for the attention of the store’s representative.

In contrast to physical stores where the customers contact the store sales representative, online stores deal with virtual communications. Phones, emails, social media platforms are the ways customers access online stores.

The flexibility of the online dispensary business allows clients to reach out at any time instead of the limitations of physical stores. Hence, your online dispensary store must be accessible throughout business hours.

You must provide accessible contact information and alternatives in case of unavailability. It is also essential you update changes in contact information when such changes occur.

Here are ways to enhance the accessibility of your products and services:

  • A well-built website is the best way to enhance your accessibility. With a quality and functional website, your products and services are displayed for customers to know what and what-not is accessible. If the website is well-structured, clients can navigate easily and access your products and services.
  • Place your contact information in prominent places so that customers can easily reach out to you. With a professional and good website, your contact information can be placed where it is easily accessible.
  • Use multiple contact information such as telephone, live chats, emails and social media platforms, so customers have various options for contacting you.
  • Promote yourself on social media networks that aid online dispensaries in marketing like Massroots and Weldable. These are online communities where potential clients that need medicinal and recreational weed gather. People can access your website efficiently if you promote it in such places.

Here are ways to enhance the availability of your products and services:

  • Ensure the vendors you patronize for your weed stock are reputable with a satisfactory track record. It helps you keep your inventory in stock so that clients can get the products and services they require quickly.
  • Ensure your contact information area is viable; that is, when customers call on the phone, they get a response. If they chat via a live chat, they get a response within a few minutes. For emails, they should get a response within 24-48 hours. It helps to keep communication alive and prevent customers from leaving due to delays.
  • For social media platforms, it may be pretty tricky to keep up with contacts from potential customers. However, with customer service helpdesks like Freshdesk and Groove, you can integrate social media DMs and comments into your dashboard. Your customer service team can attend to them on your dashboard without going through your social media profiles.
  • Ensure your customer service team members are available during business hours and attend to customers as soon as possible.

The highlight of being accessible and available is to give clients what they want as fast as possible so they don’t go elsewhere. There is always a reason for a client to reach out to your online dispensary. If you want them to stay, then ensure they get what they want promptly and satisfactorily.

One way to ensure that clients don’t waste their time is to publish out-of-stock products or services at the moment on your website. It will prevent them from wasting time.

3. Always engage your customers

The foundation of good customer service is cheerful and influential customer engagement. The rapport between your online dispensary representatives and your customers will determine the success of your business.

Customers will pay for a good rapport and experience as they are always thirsty for knowledge and information regarding what they require. When customers experience good engagement, they usually spread the word to those who need such products and services.

Engaging clients involves building a good rapport, responding to calls and messages, acknowledging suggestions and resolving complaints.

Doing these helps to create a seller-buyer trust that translates to continuous patronage and good reviews. In short, the right customers’ engagements are the bedrock of a successful online dispensary business.

Here are ways to provide and enhance the right customers’ engagements:

  • Ensure your customer service team members are well trained to attend politely and helpful to clients. It highlights good customer service; hence, all hands must be on deck that nothing puts a dent in it. The customer service team needs to learn the art of good customer rapport and engagement.
  • The customer service team is responsible for attending to customers; hence, the duty to build a good rapport lies with them. The members of the team must be friendly, approachable, yet professional. They must know how to address clients by their first name or whatever name they provide for identification.
  • No rudeness, bossiness or humiliation should come from the team members to the clients. If it’s the clients portraying rudeness, bossiness or humiliation, the team members should politely put an end to it. It is the reason they need to learn communication skills.
  • The team members should be knowledgeable about the online dispensary to answer questions clients may have accurately. You should also create a system whereby they can access answers to questions they may not know.
  • The team members should know how to fix problems or complaints from clients on their own. It is also vital to know how to de-escalate issues, especially those of anger or disappointment of clients. However, they must know the boundaries of what they can do or say and what-not.
  • The team members should know how to communicate effectively through intentional and active listening and know-how to solicit the correct information from clients for effective transactions. Respond to DMs and messages promptly and always respond to them, even if it is just greetings.
  • You can enhance customers’ engagements via the education of clients through blog posts, email notifications, video and audio content about your products and services or things related to them. You can set up surveys, ask questions or seek customer reviews to further engagements.

4. Educate customers on how to order products and hire your service

One of the reasons clients abandon a particular brand for another is because they cannot purchase certain products or hire specific services due to a lack of know-how. Even with an easy-to-navigate website, some people still find it difficult to place orders or fill out the necessary process for a successful business.

The customer service team has to help such persons to get through the purchasing or hiring processes. There should be adequate follow-up so those who have no idea who to approach when they encounter an issue can respond and reach out to the customer service team.

There should be an order confirmation email or SMS to confirm orders and reassure the customers of the successful transaction. This email must show appreciation and FAQs to educate the clients. You may also add information about other products briefly and links to purchase them as a marketing strategy.

A product education mail containing information about the use of the product and contacts in case of questions and concerns is also required. With a customer review request, you can close the process of purchasing or hiring with the clients.

When clients are assisted in their quest of purchasing products or hiring services from your online dispensary business, it boosts good customer services.

Final thoughts

With the tips above, you can provide an experiential service to customers that visit your online dispensary business.

However, despite your efforts you may still be getting lots of queries from customers. If this goes on and on, you might lose some of your customers to competition.

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